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Our Fighting Steward is,
His Lordship Tarique ibn Akmal

Heavy Weapons

The Marshal is HL Tarique Ibn Akmal
9:00 AM - Authorizations will start promptly
10:00 AM - Great Sword tourney

Heavy Weapons Scenarios:
Mamma Jamma Who's your Daddy Tournament
great sword only .
Prize - 2 Sticks of Rattan

So build up your Armour, repair your Great Sword. Winter is Coming

What's that you say "Winter is Coming"? Once agaain from the tormented mind of Tarique comes his version of "Game of Thrones". Want to know more? Come to Vertigo 2017.

There will also be An Orchestrated Melee (side vs. side); A Bridge Battle; A Free for All Melee (Who is your friend - Who is your enemy. You may be surprised)

Calon Steel:

The Marshal is Baron Ulfr Thyrison
9:30 Armor Inspection - Fighting to follow immediately after.

To start off the day there will be a Novice tournament
token format (draw a token for the system you use) Likely double elimination.
Lunch break
Then a "German bierhall Duel" main weapon limited to short swords
(messer, saex, katzbalger, long dagger) secondaries are those that
can be found in a tavern (big spoons, ladels, jacks, cloaks)
secondaries must meet appropriate rules for secondaries.
Then if I have melee marshals then a melee for those that can.

War College will be conducting class(s) after the Fighting.

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