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Here is the feast menu for Vertigo Feast 2019

There will be 64 seats available to be reserved.
The cost is $15.00.

Reservations for feast Will be via epay
For a limited number of seats. The rest will be first come first served at the door.
Feast Steward: Malina de Nauntin (MKA Sariah Williams)
Feast Menu
1st Remove

Bread with Olive oil dipping sauces
Soft cheese
Hard cheese
Hard meats

2nd Remove

Cornish game hen with mustard sauce
Asparagus in garlic and butter
Vegetable soup
Bread and butter

3rd Remove

Beef With sautéed onions
Roasted Root veggies
Barley soup
Bread and butter

4th Remove

Apple sauce
Shortbread Whipped cream

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