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Our Class Co-Ordinator is,
Countess Elspeth of Stonehaven

Here we go. The final schedule and descriptions.

Class Schedule

Time Hall Rotaryn Basement
9:00 Wool Beating Youth
10:00 Basic Reconstruction and Repairs Help with your Spinning Youth
11:00 Heraldic Quilting Help with your Spinning Youth
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:00 Good Afternoon 12th Cent Mens Clothing
2:00 12th Cent Mens Clothing Youth
3:00 Variations on a Chain Stitch History of Tapestry Weaving Youth
4:00 Youth

Youth activities will be running all day.

Vertigo Classes Descriptions 2019

Twelfth Century Men's Clothing: Introduction
HL Henry Percival Kempe

This class is an introduction to men's costume in western Europe
focusing on the twelfth century, but with some material possibly
dating as early as 1050 and as late as 1250.

No fee for handout, but donations will be accepted

Twelfth Century Men's Clothing: Special Issues
Hl Henry Percival Kempe

This is a standalone class focusing on special issues, including
tunic embellishment; garments such as the bliaut and underwear;
research methods; documentation for things like buttons, cutting on the bias, etc.

No fee for handout, but donations will be accepted.

History of Tapestry Weaving
HL Magurite des Baux

Good Afternoon, Your.uh.uh.Excellency? Your Grace?
HL Adelaide Sarsfield

This class is for EVERYONE! This is an interactive class where everyone
gets to familiarize themselves with the various coronets, awards, and titles
within Calontir. We will discuss how each award or title was granted, how to
address that individual and what kind of responsibility goes with it.

Heraldic Quilting
HL Caitlin nic Raighne

The purpose of this class is to explore the major types of quilting
for heraldic purposes. They include cloth on cloth applique or patch work.
The three major uses of heraldic quilting ocurs on banners and flags, on
clothing for men and women, and on cloaks and mantles.

Darn! Basic Reconstruction and Repairs
Ms. Nesscia Inghean Chearnaigh

Bring your worn or torn item of garb and learn how to mend it (by hand).

Also... bring your sewing kit and matching fabric (if possible).

Some sewing implements and fabric will be available for your use.

Class limit: five people age 16 or older.

Variation on a Chain Stitch
Countess Elspeth of Stonehaven

Explore chain stitch variations for adorning clothing and accessories.

Bring your embroidery kit: sample fabric, hoop, scissors, needles and thread.

Wool Beating
HL Gwennan nic Alpin 0 Lock Shiel

Learn an inexpensive way to clean and process your wool.
Learn the history of this method of wool cleaning.
Instructor will have wool to beat but you can bring your own.
Limit: 6 Youth are welcome.

Help With Your Spinning
Hl Gwennan nic Alpin

Bring your wheel or spindle and your questions for individual consultation.