Arms of Lost Moor

Shire of LostMoor
Roll of Arms

Arms of Lost Moor

Roll of Arms

We are using the Kingdom OP to access Shire members awards.

Click here to see those who claim the shire as home and to see what awards that they have.

To correct or report any errors that you find contact the Kingdom's OP Clerk (

If you do not see your name and wish to claim the Shire as your home then also let the Shire's Herald and the Kingdom's OP Cleric know.

It would not be a bad idea to also let the Shire's herald know. See the Officers page to find the herald.

Abbreviations used:

  • AR = Argent (white or silver)
  • AZ = Azure (blue)
  • GU = Gules (red)
  • Or = (yellow or gold) (not an abbreviation)
  • PR = Proper (the common color for the object)
  • PU = Purpure (purple)
  • SA = Sable (black)
  • VE = Vert (green)