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The Links on this page will take you to websites that are not part of this website.

If you are new, here are some resources you might like to read and are quite usefull!

  1. A series of articles on what activities are available in the SCA.
  2. A listing of articles for newcomers at sca.org
  3. Kingdom of Calontir page with infomation for newcomers.
  4. How to Survive in the SCA without Breaking the Bank
  5. Choosing a Society Name - Hints for Newcomers
  6. Introduction to Garb: a Seminar

The Society for Creative Anachronism

The Society for Creative Anachronism
The SCA's Online Marketplace: a source for past editions of Tournaments Illuminated and The Complete Anachronist
SCA Today a source for SCA-relevant news.
Currently this page, SCA Today, has no content.
Interactive Map of the Kingdom of Calontir

The Kingdom of Calontir

  1. The Kingdom of Calontir
  2. Calontir's Event Calendar
  3. Calontir's Award Structure

To recommend someone for an award, please try Calontir's online web form.
A great local resource for all things heraldic, please see Master Modar's Heraldry Page

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