Kingdom A&S 2018:

April 21, 2018

Please join us at Representative of Christ Fellowship in Saint Joseph,MO.



Site opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM


Pre-Registration For Kingdom A&S is now Live. It will be open until April 6, 2018.


We have a Steward for Inn. The Steward is Dana Tatare


1.) There is no Merchanting at this Event

2.) The Site is Wet. Therefore Alcoholic entrants will be in the Entrants hall.

3.) We have plenty of space outside and if there is a marshall available pickup fight will be allowed.

Event Staff


ROC Fellowship
2606 Sycamore Ct.
Saint Joseph, MO 64503


Take your best route to U 36 Highway and 22nd Street. If you exit east bound Sycamore Ct. is across the road and to a jog to the left. If you exit west bound; take right at the stop sign, prepare to take left turn onto Sycamore Ct. immediately after crossing over US 36 Hwy. Proceed to the end for the street.

Site Fees

Adult Registration $15.00
Adult Member Discount Registration $10.00
Child, 13 thru 17 $5.00
Child, 12 and under free
Family registration cap $40.00
Family Member Discount Registration Cap $30.00

Make Checks Payable to SCA Inc. - Shire of Lost Moor


The first event open for pre-registration is Kingdom A&S. It will be open until April 6th. The EPay Site can be found at This will be the link for all future pre-registrations, so save the link somewhere you can find it again! Please stay tuned for more announcements. Mistress Meadhbh inghean uí Shuibhne Kingdom Exchequer

Borrowed from the Kingdom web page

Here are the links for Entrants and Judges

There are two components - the annual A&S Championship, and the Tri-levels.

The Championship entrants each must put in three separate entries in different categories, all three at the advanced level. The three entries may be all Arts, all Sciences, or any combination, so long as each is in a a separate judging category. The entry form is on the A&S pages at this link:

The Tri-levels entrants each put in a work in a single category, which may be entered at the Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced level at the entrant's discretion. The Tri-level entry form is also on the A&S pages, at this link:

There are no minimum or maximum award levels to enter either category.

Of course we also need judges...lots and lots of judges! Judge teams are usually a spectrum of experience and expertise, you NEED NOT be a Laurel or GoA in a craft to volunteer to judge! What you DO need is just your knowledge and interest, plus a reasonable amount of humility, tact, and desire to help your fellow artisans. The judge sign-up form is here:


We now have an Inn Steward. The steward can be reached at Dana Tatare . If there are any dietry concerns.

The price is free will donation.

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