Shire of Lost Moor Vertigo Clout Shoot

Welcome to The Shire's clout shoot. This is based on the
Calontir's King 's Company of Archers Clout shoot but with
a twist. The twist you ask? Well besides shooting it twice.
You will be shooting it downhill and back uphill.

		1.	Yardage will be at least 100 yards
		2.	Two circles of 15 foot diameter (inner) 
		    (7.5 foot radius) and 25 foot diameter (outer)
			(12.5 foot radius)
		3.	The round downhill and uphill will consist of three 
		    ends alternately in each direction.  The first end 
			will be 5 arrows for practice followed by two ends 
			of 10 arrows each for score.
			The Progression will be
				a.	5 arrows for practice downhill
				b.	5 arrows for practice uphill
				c.	10 arrows downhill for score
				d.	10 arrows uphill for score
				e.	Repeat items c and d to complete the shoot.
		4.	Scoring will be two points for the inner circle and
     		1 point for the outer circle.

	This is an attempt at recreating a situation of being inside
	the keep or defensive position(downhill) and one of the 
	besieging or offensive army (uphill).